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Daftar Unit Kompetensi

Kode Unit Unit Kompetensi
D1.HOT.CL1.01 Work effectively with customers and colleagues

D1.HOT.CL1.02 Work in socially diverse environment

D1.HOT.CL1.03 Implement occupational health and safety procedures

D1.HOT.CL1.05 Perform clerical procedures

D1.HOT.CL1.08 Maintain hospitality industry knowledge

D1.HOT.CL1.11 Manage and resolve conflict situation

D1.HOT.CL1.12 Perform basic first aid procedures

D1.HOT.CL1.13 Perform child protection duties relevant to tourism industry

D1.LAN.CL1.01 Speak basic English at a basic operational level

D1.HOT.CL1.06 Access and retrieve computer-based data

D1.HHK.CL3.01 Provide housekeeping service to guests

D1.HHK.CL3.02 Clean public areas, facilities and equipment

D1.HHK.CL3.03 Clean and prepare room for in-coming guests

D1.HHK.CL3.07 Clean and maintain industrial work area and equipment

D1.HSS.CL4.01 Establish and maintain a safe and secure workplace

D1.HSS.CL4.02 Maintain the security of premises and property

D1.HSS.CL4.03 Operate basic security equipment

D1.HSS.CL4.09 Provide lost and found facility

D1.HGA.CL6.02 Work cooperatively in a general administration environment

D2.HGA.CL6.03 Maintain a paper-based filling and retrieval system

D1.HSM.CL05.01 Organise functions

D1.HSM.CL5.04 Develop and update local knowledge

D1.LAN.CL1.02 Respond effectively to instruction given in English

D1.LAN.CL1.10 Write a short message in English