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Daftar Unit Kompetensi

Kode Unit Unit Kompetensi
D1.HRS.CL1.04 Communicate effectively on the telephone

D1.HRS.CL1.05 Comply with workplace hygiene procedures

D1.HRS.CL1.07 Perform clerical procedures

D1.HRS.CL1.08 Maintain hospitality industry knowledge

D1.HRS.CL1.11 Perform clerical procedures

D1.HRS.CL1.12 Perform basic First Aid procedures

D1.HRS.CL1.14 Read and interpret basic instructions, directions and/or diagrams

D1.HRS.CL1.17 Speak English at a basic operational level

D1.HRS.CL1.18 Work effectively with colleagues and customers

D1.HRS.CL1.20 Perform child protection duties relevant to the tourism industry

D1.HGE.CL7.11 Receive and securely store in-coming goods

D1.HRS.CL1.01 Access and retrieve computer-based data

D1.HRS.CL1.02 Apply standard safety procedures for handling foodstuffs

D1.HRS.CL1.03 Clean and maintain kitchen equipment and utensils

D1.HCC.CL2.01 Apply basic techniques of commercial cookery

D1.HCC.CL2.11 Prepare and store food in a safe and hygienic manner

D1.HRS.CL1.09 Manage and resolve conflict situations

D1.HML.CL10.12 Monitor routine workplace operations

D1.HML.CL10.14 Provide professional support to business colleagues

D1.HRS.CL1.10 Organise and prepare food products and meals

D1.HRS.CL1.16 Receive and store kitchen supplies and food stock

D1.HPA.CL4.02 Preapre and display petit four

D1.HPA.CL4.05 Prepare and present chocolate goods

D1.HPA.CL4.06 Prepare and Present Dessert

D1.HP4.CL4.07 Prepare and present gateaux, torten and cakes

D1.HPA.CL4.08 Prepare and produce cakes and pastries

D1.HPA.CL4.09 Prepare and produce yeast goods

D1.HPA.CL10.10 Prepare bakery products for patisserie