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Daftar Unit Kompetensi

Kode Unit Unit Kompetensi
D2.TCC.CL1.01 Work effectively with customers and colleagues

D2.TCC.CL1.02 Work in a socially diverse environment

D2.TTC.CL1.03 Implement occupational health and safety procedures

D2.TCC.CL1.04 Follow safety and security procedures

D2.TCC.CL1.05 Communicate effectively on the telephone

D2.TCC.CL1.06 Manage and resolve conflict situation

D2.TCC.CL1.07 Develop and update tourism industry knowledge

D2.TCC.CL1.08 Promote products and services to customers

D2.TCC.CL1.09 Perform clerical procedures

D2.TCC.CL1.10 Access and retrieve computer-based data

D2.TCC.CL1.11 Speak English at a basic operational level

D2.TCC.CL1.12 Process financial transactions

D2.TCC.CL1.13 Use common business tools and technology

D2.TCC.CL1.14 Perform child protection duties relevant to the tourism industry

D2.TCC.CL1.15 Perform basic First Aid procedures

D2.TCC.CL1.16 Develop protective environments for children in tourism destinations

D2.TRM.CL9.06 Maintain legal knowledge required for business compliance

D2.TRM.CL9.09 Manage and monitor innovative tourism program and projects

D2.TRM.CL9.11 Manage quality customer service

D2.TRM.CL9.14 Monitor and maintain a business computer system

D2.TRM.CL9.17 Prepare and monitor budgets

D2.TGA.CL6.04 Manage innovative tourism projects

D2.TFA.CL7.04 Manage contractual agreements / commitments

D2.TTA.CL2.17 Receive and process a reservations

D2.TTG.CL3.10 Establish and maintain a safe and secure workplace

D2.TTG.CL3.14 Manage and facilitate extended tour experience

D2.TTG.CL3.16 Develop/monitor ecologically sustainable tourism operations

D2.TTO.CL4.12 Monitor tourism operational

D2.TRM.CL9.05 Lead and manage people

D2.TRM.CL9.16 Monitor Tourism Operations

Monitor Tourism Operations
D2.LAN.CL10.01 Read and write English at a basic operational level

D2.LAN.CL10.02 Write English at a supervisory level

D2.LAN.CL10.03 Read and write English at a supervisory level